Anderson County Couple Arrested On Theft Charges


            Oneida, TN (2010-03-24) An Anderson County couple that allegedly stole merchandise from an Oneida retail store face theft charges.

            Justin D. Jenkins, 20, of Oliver Springs and Jessica D. Jenkins, 21, of Oak Ridge were arrested outside the Oneida Wal-Mart SuperCenter on Tuesday.  According to an arrest warrant filed by Lt. Darryl Laxton of the Oneida Police Department, the couple allegedly stole several items from the electronics department.  The pair, stated the warrant, were allegedly observed unpacking and concealing several game system controllers, including six PS3 wireless remotes and four WII remotes.  A store employee attempted to stop the couple; however, the pair fled, running from the store into the parking lot.

            Oneida Police Chief Mike Cross reportedly spotted the pair scurrying through the parking lot and quickly blocked their vehicle.  In his haste, Jenkins reportedly dropped his keys, allowing Chief Cross to detain him without further incident.

            The stolen merchandise was reportedly worth $529.60.

            Tuesday’s theft allegedly wasn’t the first for Jenkins.  On Monday, Wal-Mart authorities allege that Jenkins entered the local store and took seven PS3 and one WII controllers, merchandise valued at $434.68.  After his arrest on Tuesday, Jenkins reportedly admitted to the crime.

            The Oneida Police Department, armed with video surveillance footage, reportedly identified Jenkins leaving Wal-Mart and entering Packard’s Video Games on Monday, where he allegedly sold the stolen items.  A store representative contacted authorities and all the merchandise was recovered.

            Justin Jenkins was charged with theft over $500 and theft of less than $500.  Jessica Jenkins was charged with theft over $500.