Fleeing Suspect Eludes Police; Criminal’s History Leads Officers To Him


            Oneida, TN (2012-07-03) Freedom for a Huntsville man that allegedly eluded police following a 10-mile long pursuit through areas west of the city was short lived, as the suspect was positively identified by the pursing officer who reportedly had prior knowledge of him from previous arrests.

            Earl Anthony Sexton, Jr., 21, of Huntsville was booked on a litany of charges following a pursuit by officers that began on the busy streets of Oneida and ended up on a narrow lane in west Oneida.  According to arrest warrant filed by Patrolman Gerry Garrett of the Oneida Police Department, he allegedly first observed Sexton’s white Chevy truck traveling south at the intersection of Alberta Street and Claude Terry Drive.  The truck, claimed Garrett, did not have a bumper and a taillight was inoperable.  Furthermore, the tag displayed on the truck allegedly was registered to a passenger car in a third-party’s name.  After the signal changed, Garrett attempted to stop the vehicle; however, Sexton allegedly refused to stop.  Sexton reportedly drove at a low rate of speed down the turning lane, before pulling his vehicle toward the abandoned BP service station near the Oak Grove intersection.  He reportedly continued, finally stopping briefly at the edge of the southbound lane.  As Garrett approached, Sexton allegedly “popped the clutch” and sped away.  Sexton led Garrett down Grave Hill Road, reportedly in excess of 60 mph.  The suspect reportedly narrowly missed a pair of vehicles near the intersections of Stanley Street and Ashley Lane, before encountering Oneida Police Chief Darryl Laxton at the intersection of Grave Hill and Big Ridge Road.  Sexton refused to stop for Laxton, turning onto Big Ridge Road.  Sexton allegedly continued to drive erratically, often crossing into oncoming traffic and falling into ditches.  He reportedly returned to Grave Hill Road, and then turned onto Willie Boyatt Road.  As the road faded away into a dirt path accessible only by 4-wheel drive, authorities discontinued the pursuit.

            Since authorities had positively identified Sexton, he was later arrested and charged with speeding, reckless endangerment (5 counts), driving on revoked license (6th offense), reckless driving, evading arrest, improper registration, violation of the light law, and violation of the bumper law.